Juliano Laran, PhD



I am a behavioral scientist and marketing professor helping companies of all sizes (Fortune 500, start-ups) and in many industries (Health Care, Retail, High Tech, Beauty and Personal Care) understand their consumers.

I have won several academic awards for my research and editorial work, and have been listed by the American Marketing Association as one of the twenty most productive marketing scholars in the world.

My work focuses on understanding nonconscious influences on the customer journey, increasing digital engagement, evaluating and advising communication campaigns, and using science-based nudges to help consumers make better (healthier, more efficient) choices.

Here you will find information about my work as a behavioral scientist and my publications in consumer psychology, management science, and social psychology. Feel free to get in touch HERE (julianolaran@gmail.com) as I love to learn more about what other researchers and companies are doing to help consumers make better choices and how I can help them achieve their goals.